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Every wedding is different, so we don't have a set wedding package. We tailor all our wedding photography to the individual couple and their special day.

But we do have some preferences.

We prefer to get to know the couple before the wedding, and so we like to include engagement photos shot several weeks or several months before the wedding itself. The engagement photo session is relaxed and usually inventive. We've done everything from fashion shoots to formal studio portraiture to film noir. We've hiked to waterfalls and photographed in dark alleyways at night. While we're shooting the engagement photos, we talk about how the wedding photography should go and what's important to the couple.

We prefer to attend the wedding rehearsal. We don't usually take photographs at the rehearsal unless the couple specifically asks for it. But the rehearsal allows us to get a sense of the location, the light, where people will be, how events will unfold, and the camera angles we'll need. We can also meet the family and start to organize the group shots if they will be part of the photographic coverage.

We prefer to photograph the entire wedding day, from preparations, to the ceremony itself, to the reception after. This allows us to create a complete set of images that really tells the story of the day. Formal group shots can be important documents in a family's history and so we like to include them also if the bride and groom wish.

We prefer to create an album and a set of prints after the shooting is done. While we are always happy to give the couple a disk of images suitable for making their own prints, we also like to make a selection of prints to professional standards. And we prefer to post a selection of images on our web site so others in the family can look at them and get prints made without the bride and groom having to coordinate printing arrangements.

Those are our preferences. What are yours? We'd love to talk to you about your wedding. If you have questions about photographic coverage for your wedding or would like to discuss options, give us a call (541-760-5462) or email us.